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Growing Down to Increase Your Share of the Profit Pie

Downsizing seems such a painful thing, full of loss and scaling back. But it need not be. A combination of changes in concepts and methods, plus reducing burdens that you may not even realize you are carrying, can provide you with a lucrative business that handles the same volume of work, but with greater efficiency and benefit.


2 Day Workshop

Especially useful to small and mid-sized companies, this workshop is geared toward company owners, and people who know they want to own a thriving company but feel they may not be able to afford to succeed in this economy.

This is NOT a motivational workshop. You'll learn practical concepts, you'll see demonstrations and act out analogies to help you see the effect of the changes in a meaningful way. Each hour of training is accompanied by an hour of workgroups, where the concepts learned are discussed and applied to real-life situations. You don't just go home with ideas, you go home with a plan.

Sessions will cover a series of concepts that may be applied to vastly increase profit potentials, company structure efficiency, worker motivation, productivity incentives, insurance and benefit alternatives, strategic automation guidelines, working with subcontractors, how to increase profits for everyone involved from the lowest paid to the highest paid, effective proprietary protections without the cost of patents, strategic partnerships, and how to simplify the operational processes and get more done in less time.

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$2000 per person, or $3000 for married couples, paid in advance
$2500 per person, or $3500 per married couple, paid after the two week deadline
You may pay at the door, if seats are available.

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We are business professionals, offering suggestions and skills training for traditional business operations methods. We are not lawyers, and we do not offer legal advice. We are not accountants, and we do not offer financial advice. We do share information for some business practices that are sometimes handled by a lawyer or accountant, but which many business owners choose to handle themselves.

Business is a risky thing, and no one can provide a magic formula for success. The concepts, skills, and strategies taught by us are sound, and have the potential to yield significant benefits, but individual results will vary, and positive outcomes are not assured. Your success may be influenced by your attitude, your understanding of the material taught, political or economic factors, or even natural disasters. We strive to present accurate and helpful information, but offer no guarantees.

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