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On-Site Consulting

On-Site Consulting

 Sometimes you just need someone to come to your farm, look things over, and help you determine what your strengths are, what the advantages of your land are that are marketable, and to show you hands-on how to set up or establish certain structures or tasks.

We can assess your land for forage, advise on simplified soil building, advise on woodlot management, mushroom cultivation or foraging, make suggestions for stocking levels for how many animals you may raise on your land, aid in building design, demonstrate feed production techniques, research and assess product and financial potentials, recommend options for lowering regulatory burdens, and much more. We can also do limited types of troubleshooting to aid individuals in overcoming chronic problems.

On-site consultations are not cheap, but the value is solid because you not only get the help you need, where you need it, in a way that will benefit you for years to come, you also get email follow-up for up to 1 year.

Follow up email means that you can ask for clarification on things discussed, resource links or book referrals for things we discussed but which we informed you were beyond the scope of the consultation, or you can send us pics or describe how you are carrying things out, or even show us text you've written for your website or marketing materials and have us give you an opinion on whether it is being done correctly. It does NOT mean you can ask us questions involving new issues, or ask us to explain in email what we already stated was beyond the scope of the consultation (we can point you to resources, or schedule a training call with you, or an additional consult). We'll be respectful of your budget in determining where to draw the line.

Cost for on-site consultations are as follows:

You pay travel and accommodations for 2 people, plus $750 per day on site. Weekly fee - $2500, Monthly fee - $7500. (Weekly and monthly fees based on 6 hour days, to allow time for us to take care of our other business concerns.) We will accept guest accommodations that have a private bathroom and refrigerator space (this includes RV or cabin accommodations).

One way travel must be paid prior to our beginning our journey, and return travel must be paid to us on arrival, along with the first day's fee. All daily fees must be paid in advance. Fees will be paid through PayPal, where you have the right to dispute for non-delivery if we fail to show up, or if we leave prior to completing the time which we have agreed to consult with you through. When you have a big project to undertake, and NEED it to be successful, on-site consulting can help you get MORE help in a short amount of time than you can get any other way.

Call or Email us to explore options for on-site consultations.

NOTE: On-site consultations are NOT available in Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, or New York. Virtual services utilizing Google Earth, Photos, Descriptions and Samples, with email and phone calls, are available and are charged by services used.

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