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Grow With Subcontractors

There is incredible scope for growing a company with subcontractors, and this option is commonly overlooked, due to some common misconceptions regarding business operations.

The benefits are many - simplification of business processes, higher motivation for workers, lower tax burdens, lower regulatory burdens, higher potential profits when managed well, greater scheduling flexibility for all involved, and more.

In order for subcontracting to work well, you need people who are well qualified to perform the tasks you want them to perform, in the way you want them done, and at a price you can afford. It does no good to hire someone and to have to pay them more than you make! The solutions to this are simple, but require adaptation to each individual business.

Many business owners have fears about the safety of proprietary information in the hands of subcontractors. They also fear handing work over to someone when they cannot see whether they are working consistently or billing fairly. Again, the solutions to these issues are very simple, but require adaptation for each specific business type.

A subcontractor business model must meet some requirements to avoid classing employees as subcontractors. This is critical, or you'll run into trouble with tax officials. Again, the rules to keep your subcontractors clearly defined are not complex, and can be simply met, though the methods for meeting it will require adjustment to fit each company.

Chances are, your business can grow using subcontractors instead of employees. If you need to explore options for doing so, you can schedule a consultation with us - the cost is $200 for about an hour with email follow-up, and this consultation may be all you need to take it and run with it. If you need further help, such as process documentation, help with your business model or policies, or other services, they are also available.

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