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Marketing and Traffic Assessments

Is your website marketing effective? Is your traffic sufficient to result in buyers, and are the customers that SHOULD be buying, actually doing so? If not, then what can you change within your means and budget to make it work better?

A Marketing and Traffic Assessment looks at what you are doing, and then analyzes where your traffic is coming from, and what it is doing once it gets to your website. Problems are addressed constructively, and information is provided to you so that you know whether your efforts are actually working or not.

When we do an assessment, we assume that you do NOT wish to hire us to implement any changes we suggest (oh, we are happy to do so, but we don't assume that you will want us to). This means we don't recommend ANYTHING that we do not believe will actually benefit YOU. We won't recommend anything in hopes of getting a sweet payment out of you for doing it. This also means that you can take our recommendations and make your own choices about implementation - hire someone else, do it yourself, or hire us if you wish.

You receive a report listing some of the important facts about your website, and what they mean. You won't just get our conclusions, we'll give you some information so you can assess the numbers yourself in the future if you wish. You'll also get a listing of recommendations, with reasons for the recommendations, in a report. The typical assessment report is between 3 and 8 pages long, and it is filled with helpful information that will assist you in reaching your website income goals.

The cost for the assessment is $200, which includes the initial consult, the report, and email follow-up. To get started with your marketing and traffic assessment, Contact us to schedule the initial consultation. Be prepared with access to your website traffic and sales stats, and details on marketing you are already doing. Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

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