Cottage Industrial Revolution is a U.S. based company, offering Consulting Services to the United States and Canada.

Art Training And Consulting

Art Training And Consulting

We offer the following services for both amateur and professional artists:

  • Training for Acrylic, Watercolor, Gouache, Oil Painting, Colored Pencil, Oil Pastel, Pastel, Felt Pen, Graphite Pencil, and Acrylic Pen.
  • Acrylic Method Training for Classic Fine Impressionism, Classic Detailed Realism, No Palette Smooth Blended, Sponge Painting, Puddles Painting, Daubs Painting, Streaks Painting, Glitter and Metallic Painting.
  • Seashell Art Training for Piled works, Scattered works and Sculpted works.
  • Review and Critique Service which helps you see how your work can be improved. We produce a report that outlines the STRENGTHS, the WEAKNESSES, and the SOLUTIONS, and will include detailed instructions on HOW to easily repair areas that are not right in your work. $10 gets it all.
  • Online Marketing Consulting and Training.
  • Business Model Consulting and Training.
  • Professionalism Training - find your weak spots and shore them up. Become a professional with a strong production and creative output. Learn new ways to improve speed and accuracy.
  • Production Line Training and Consulting. For high output production art, of any kind.

Remember, all work must meet OUR quality and family safe standards, or WE WON'T work with you. If you want to produce trash, you can't benefit from the most valuable training anyway.

Cost for Training and Consulting is $200 per hour (we always give a little more) WITH email follow-up support. If you are a sole proprietor and this is your first consult, we'll give you a 50% discount. If you are a Starving Artist, we'll give you a ONE TIME discount of 75%.

You can contact us about a personal assistance with artistic production. Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

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