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Sole Proprietors

Sole Proprietors are some of our favorite people to work with! We understand what it is like to have to do everything yourself, and to have no money to hire it done, and no time to do it yourself! Everything we recommend has to SAVE you one or the other, not just take more. In fact, this is one of our guiding principles - if it won't MAKE money for you, or SAVE money or time that you NEED to save, we simply won't recommend it!

We offer consultations at a reduce rate for very small businesses (single decision maker, with no employees). Don't bother trying to scam us into thinking that you are a smaller business than you are in order to receive the reduced rate, you'll only scam yourself because what we recommend is unlikely to work for your business if it is larger.

Really small businesses have a single decision maker, or a couple with one of the two designated as the leader. They do NOT have a couple who squabbles and disagrees over who is in charge, with one telling the consultant one thing, and the other telling the consultant another... Such mismanagement results in wasting the time of a consultant, and disqualifies the business for sole proprietor price breaks.

If you've run into a roadblock in your business, where profits are stalled, or insufficient to supply your needs, with a workload that is taking all of your time, you need to make strategic changes to reduce the work, and increase the profit. The problem is that you are often in a situation with no money, and no time to implement new changes. We have found in these situations that there is almost always a significant bottleneck that can be eliminated with a very small time or monetary investment, but which will result in a huge difference in daily operations. We can help you isolate this pinchpoint, and develop a simple plan to eliminate it. Once that hurdle is crossed, other changes become easier to implement.

Many small businesses also simply fail to develop the required momentum to achieve sustainable growth. This is especially true of online businesses - the business simply fails to make sales other than those to people whom the business owner has had personal contact. In this case, there is ALWAYS something that can be done, usually by the owner themselves, to improve the site traffic, or the quality of the site traffic, to result in consistently increasing sales.

If your very small business isn't working like it needs to, we can help you get past the roadblocks.

You can purchase any of our services, scaled down, for very small businesses and startups. A phone consultation that lasts about 1 hour is $100, with email follow-up support. You may need additional services, which we will quote in advance, but for many sole proprietors, the initial consultation is all they need. Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

If you know that it is a marketing or website specific problem, then contact us about a website assessment or marketing consultation - put your money where it will do the most good. These two services are discounted by 50% for very small businesses.

If you are the type of person that learns well from instructional manuals, we also have the following books, available soon for purchase.

    Do It Yourself Marketing
    From Invention to First Sale
    Expanding Beyond Yourself

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We are business professionals, offering suggestions and skills training for traditional business operations methods. We are not lawyers, and we do not offer legal advice. We are not accountants, and we do not offer financial advice. We do share information for some business practices that are sometimes handled by a lawyer or accountant, but which many business owners choose to handle themselves.

Business is a risky thing, and no one can provide a magic formula for success. The concepts, skills, and strategies taught by us are sound, and have the potential to yield significant benefits, but individual results will vary, and positive outcomes are not assured. Your success may be influenced by your attitude, your understanding of the material taught, political or economic factors, or even natural disasters. We strive to present accurate and helpful information, but offer no guarantees.

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