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Market Assessments

You've got a product idea, but is it a good one? How do you know whether it is likely to sell or not? Is anyone likely to buy your product?

Market research only gets you so far, because it can only tell you what HAS BEEN, not what WILL BE.

Cottage industry has not been used to the full potential, and markets for products manufactured at home are largely undiscovered. It is an amazing fact that many people now will buy an imperfect handmade item over a flawless factory made (or imported) item, and pay more for the privilege to do so. They care about Made In the USA. They care about eliminating smelly factories. They care about employing Americans. And they get a quiet satisfaction from the knowledge that their order was packed for them, personally, by the people who made it. The degree to which these things matter, varies widely from product group to product group.

These may seem like irrelevant factors, but they are very much a part of the market assessment picture, because they influence who will buy, and what they will buy, and how much they will pay. They'll tell you far more than past buying history of a non-identical product group.

Judging audience response has less to do with previous numbers, and more to do with developing an understanding of the thought processes and desires of the potential target market. Of course you have to find out if the needs of this market have already been met. But even in markets that SEEM to be saturated, there is usually room for improvement, and cottage industry can often provide EXACTLY the kind of improvement a tired public wants, after finishing a day in an impersonal world.

If you need help assessing the markets, prior to investing in development of your product, our team can assist you in making a reasonable prediction of customer response, and make suggestions about the kind of presentation your product requires in order to reach the best potentials.

Often it is only a small adjustment to take a loser to a winner.

A phone consultation that lasts about 1 hour is $200, with email follow-up support. You may need additional services, which we will quote in advance, but for many businesses, the initial consultation is all they need.

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