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Replicated Online Businesses

You know those company websites that every direct sales company has, which presents a page for each consultant with their name and bio on it? That isn't what we mean. This is something more. Much more.

You can actually replicate an online business - product line, shopping cart, and everything. It can be loaded into an auto-install system with a dedicated server that is set up to sell and set up hosting accounts as soon as payment is made. We have a system that allows you to sell that entire replicated online business, and which can customize the site for the new purchaser - all within seconds of purchase.

Even better, the customer now FULLY OWNS the business! They do not have a copy that has to stay the same (which means that search engines won't pay any attention to it), they can change the site in any way they wish, put their own custom template in, add products, delete products, etc. Their store, which works, because it really IS theirs, not yours.

There are keys to making this work, which almost every company gets wrong. They assume that you must do it in a certain way to make money from it. We discovered that the real way to make good money at it is to do exactly the OPPOSITE of what most business owners think they have to do!

This kind of business sales gives you a cash price when the customer purchases, plus residual income for maintenance and hosting. Again, there are some very simple strategies and guidelines, as well as price breakpoints, which make this succeed or fail.

Setting up this kind of business requires a fair amount of documentation, and training materials, for the customers. It also requires some skills to operate, so that the owner of the system can keep it running - or they can subcontract the management and maintenance to a separate company.

You can get full training for this, as well as assistance in completing the entire setup and replication process from our team, just Contact us through our Contact form. A phone consultation that lasts about 1 hour is $200, with email follow-up support. You may need additional services, which we will quote in advance.  Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

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