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Marketing to Microbusinesses

MicroBusinesses are not like other businesses. If you are selling a B2B product aimed at very small businesses, or if you are selling Business Packages to either subcontractors or independent business owners, chances are, you are marketing to microbusinesses.

MicroBusiness owners do not think like corporate business owners. Time and money are both perpetually short in most cases, and they do not have a specialist to analyze the thing you are presenting - they have to be able to understand it themselves. Their idea of a large cash outlay is different, pricing breakpoints are lower, and open ended hourly costs or ongoing fees are more of a negative to them.

Marketing to MicroBusinesses is more than just promoting to them - it is your entire product or service presentation, pricing, policies and model. It all has to fit to be a hit with them.

On the plus side, the potential customer base is HUGE. You don't have thousands of business owners with thousands of dollars to spend. You have millions of business owners with tens or hundreds to spend. The individual prices are lower, but the potential customers are far more, and services that truly cater to them are actually fairly rare - there are a lot that say they do, but they are usually trying to exploit the market rather than really serve them.

If your experience is with larger companies, and you want to reach the microbusiness market, it can help to have someone in your corner who understands microbusiness needs inside and out. Our aim is always to take a product or service, tailor it directly to the needs of microbusiness owners, and then help the selling company give high value at a profitable price. This is pretty much always possible if you understand the needs, and are creative about how you approach meeting them.

A consultation is $200, for a call of about 1 hour, and email follow-up. This may be all you need to have your "ah-ha" moment and gallop off with it. If you need more (such as instructional writing, product development time, or additional consulting), we'll quote you up front so you always know what you get and how much you pay before you lock yourself in.

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