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Website Assessments

If your site is NOT MAKING MONEY, then something is WRONG.

The most important thing you can do for your website is NOT rebuilding it! It is having an analysis and assessment done on it to see WHERE the problem is originating, so that a solution can be recommended which will actually be worth the time or money it takes to implement!

Most people are surprised at the information they receive in return when they pay for a website assessment, because the information is not what is typically provided. It is much more valuable.

Is your website performing badly because of too little traffic, the wrong kind of traffic, or because of design or usability issues?

Is your site optimized for search engines AND people in logical ways that don't make the site look and feel unnatural?

Does your site have a unified feel that presents your branding messages all the way through, so that your customer base feels comfortable enough to stick around and buy something?

Usually when a site is performing badly, and a site owner asks a web professional for a site review, the professional recommends a new design, or keyword optimization. Very often, these factors are completely irrelevant!

Keyword analysis is ALWAYS totally irrelevant to good traffic and good sales.

A slick design is not needed - the most important thing about the design is something most designers get wrong... It MUST suit the image and message that the business owner is trying to send (most designers don't spend enough time getting to know the goals and business style of the site owner to get this right).

We have found that when we look at about 5 key factors in a site, that we are able to very quickly isolate the most important elements that can be improved to improve the performance of the site. These things don't usually require radical changes - often they are very small things that add up to a big difference (sometimes a very subtle difference that never-the-less makes a big difference to site results).

Small business sites operate on very different traffic statistics than larger ones, so we compare your statistics with averages normally achieved by sites in the same class as your site. This is one of the things that allows us to quickly isolate traffic problems and differentiate them from design problems.

You will receive a report, listing items we view as being potential problems, along with what we feel is the major issue. We will make recommendations for changes. You can hire someone to do the changes, or you can do them yourself - usually the majority of the changes are very simple, and most site owners simply choose to make the adjustments themselves. If the primary problem with the site is lack of effective marketing, we will make some basic recommendations for more effective methods.

We realize that business owners need every penny they spend, and every bit of time they invest, to return a meaningful result, so we do NOT recommend changes that we do not feel will contribute meaningfully to an actual increase in income from the site.

A website assessment with written report is $250, with email follow-up support. You may need additional services, which we will quote in advance, but for many businesses, the assessment report is all they need.

To get started, please Contact us, and provide us with the following information:

Your URL
Your primary problem
The age of your website
The kind of marketing you have done
If you have access to statistics, we prefer to have a copy of the last two complete months of traffic statistics.

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