Cottage Industrial Revolution is a U.S. based company, offering Consulting Services to the United States and Canada.

What Can You Expect?

When working with a consultant or other entity, who is hired to help you solve a problem, you find that often the solutions are less than desirable. Nobody wants a disappointing experience when you are depending on the creativity and expertise of someone else to provide a solution that fits YOUR dreams and requirements.

Cottage Industrial Revolution is headed by Kevin and Laura Wheeler, and supported by a network of subcontractors who are skilled in various areas of expertise. Kevin and Laura are like the Family Practitioners of Cottage Industry - they are specialists in the whole, not the specialties. But, like a Family Practitioner, they know when to call in a specialist, to help with specific needs for individual businesses.

Kevin and Laura strive to follow a set of ethics that leaves the Client in charge, and gives them very personal attention to their needs.

You have a right to expect:

  • Personal attention, and personal solutions, that acknowledge that the needs of your business, and your target market, are NOT like every other target market.
  • An honest assessment of a situation, potential, or problem. If it is bad, you have a right to know. If it is good, you need to know that too. If you DON'T need a particular solution, you have a right to be told that, and not sold the solution just because you can be persuaded to purchase it.
  • That we will not recommend anything unless we truly believe it will help you make more money. No matter how badly we want to make the sale, or how trendy the options, we know you can't afford it unless it helps you earn more.
  • A COMPLETE business solution, through every phase and facet. What good is a product if you cannot make it, or sell it? What good does it do you to know how to make it but not be able to source the parts? And who wants to develop a product that is wildly successful, and sells like hotcakes, just to burn out because you can't keep up with the order volume yourself, and hiring employees was never on your agenda? You have a right to a business that is constructed to help you succeed at every point, and to not be handed an idea, and left to work out the painful details the hard way.
  • To be informed of costs before you agree to pay for them. We do not believe that open ended hourly charges are fair to our clients, so we always quote a flat rate for a service up front. If there are unpredictable costs associated, we will tell you that, and give you an idea of what they might be, so you are aware of all potential costs before choosing to proceed.
  • To be treated with generosity. You will not find our services in the mark-down section, and you deserve to get MORE than you pay for. You deserve to be treated well, and to be given every chance to not only profit from the association with our consultants, but to enjoy it as well.
  • Extraordinary results. Why pay for mediocrity? You need a dash of the brilliant to be able to pull this off. You have a right to expect a product that makes people wonder how in the world you came up with that, or why in the world didn't THEY think of it first, or even wonder how in the world you make that at home! You deserve to be surprised, and delighted.

Cottage industry is on one hand the simplest of all businesses, and on the other hand, the most difficult, because of the way the world we live in restricts our familiarization with the concepts needed to make it succeed well. Special expertise in this arena is a rare and valuable thing. Kevin and Laura have gained this knowledge the hard way, step by painful step, and they endeavor to ensure that no one else has to live through those painful lessons unless they choose to.

Through the years, they've discovered that their clients are some of the nicest people in the world, both professionally, and personally. And THEY expect that they'll enjoy having you as one of them.

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