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MicroBusiness Concept Viability Assessment

You've got the business idea, but is it likely to work? And if not, is there a simple twist that could make it wildly successful?

While no one can actually tell you before you get started whether your business will succeed or not (there are just too many variables that are not controllable), an experienced startup professional CAN assess your plans and give you a fairly accurate prediction on the chances of success.

It does NOT have a lot to do with "market research" (which only tells you what has been, not what can be). It has more to do with originality, popularity, emerging trends, presentation methods, and individual touches that you give your business. Those things CAN be fairly accurately assessed - and if they fall short, a good consultant can present you with ideas to change a klunker to a winner. Often the difference is fairly minor!

A MicroBusiness Concept Viability Assessment from us is $150. This fee includes a phone consultation of about 1 hour, plus email follow-up after the call. You get access to our expertise (we've built or helped other people build over 150 businesses), and to our creativity if you need a bit more to make your concept work well.

Our goal is to send you off after the call with a business idea that fits your dreams, and that has a great chance of growing well. There are some business concepts that just won't work, but most of the time when this is the case, a simple adjustment is all that is needed to take your idea and turn it around into something really cool!

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