Cottage Industrial Revolution is a U.S. based company, offering Consulting Services to the United States and Canada.

Farm and Garden On-Site Consulting

On-site boots on the ground assessments of your land, resources, and potentials for earning and building a thriving farm on small acreage (less than 500 acres - including microfarms of less than 1 acre or just a few acres).

We also offer Product Development Consulting for Microfarms and Small Agriculture.

You'll be required to pay our travel expenses, and for our accommodations while there, and a fee for the time we spend assessing your land and consulting with you in regards to our observations and findings. The fee is dependent upon several factors, and can include barter.

What do you get out of this? Additional knowledgeable minds to help you assess income potentials, to offer ideas on simplifying operations, and the creativity to help you develop a unique product or operation that is successful and inviting to your customers! Suitable to on or off-farm sales. We won't just walk your property with you, we'll help you outline the implementation steps, assist you in designing custom plans for structures, help you map out crop sites, livestock areas, and assist you in combining and overlapping areas in your farm to keep things streamlined and easy to manage. We'll help you assess your lands for animal forage and natural feed resources, and for any wild crops that might be encouraged for profit or home or farm use. We'll even pitch in and assist with chores while we are on your property!

We do NOT provide information on finding wholesale buyers for row crops or commercial production of animal products. We do not feel this is a good way for small farmers to market their products, since it robs them of 90% of the profit in most cases. We DO help you learn how to sell direct to the customer in a way that is enjoyable, successful, and lucrative - we know where the money is, and we teach you how to earn it.

  • On-site consulting costs - you pay travel ($.35 per mile) and accommodations for 2 people (average $100 per night), plus $1750 per day on site. Weekly fee - $4500, Custom Quote for Extended Consults of more than one week. (Weekly and extended fees based on 6 hour days, to allow time for us to take care of our other business concerns.)

To discuss potentials for on-site consulting for small farming operations, please contact us. Call 435-263-1425, or Email us.

NOTE: On-site services are NOT available for Oklahoma, Missouri, Arkansas, or New York.

Virtual services utilizing Google Earth, Photos, Descriptions and Samples, with email and phone calls, are available, and are charged according to services used.

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