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Small Cottage Business For Sale

Small Cottage Manufacturing Business with Established Customer Base and Good Google Ranking

Requires someone who is passionate about Whole and Natural Foods.

This is a SERIOUS INVESTMENT! The purchase price of this business, plus the additional funds required to make immediate improvements is between $45,000 and $55,000, depending on how the new owner chooses to operate the business and how they choose to market.

Small established customer base that is growing steadily, functioning website with shopping cart that ranks well with search engines.

This business requires someone who wants to make a product at home, and does not mind the repetition of making and perfecting a small product. Good hand skills required, must be able to use scissors, knives, and other small tools. Drill press required.

Profit margins are running approximately 60% of sales. This business makes a regular income, requiring several hours per week at this stage to operate. As the business grows, the time involved will increase, but the opportunities to make several of the processes more efficient will also increase.

Income is currently a part time income (for part time work). Please understand that this website has NEVER BEEN MARKETED! Owner has fed articles from the site into FB and Twitter, and THAT is ALL. It has grown slowly and steadily since they opened their doors, and is continuing to grow. If they had the funds to properly market this business, the growth would be far greater. It has the potential to provide a VERY GOOD full time income, without requiring so much work that the owner is always dragging and trying to keep up. Long term growth potential is limited only by the effort of the owner.

Why is the business being sold? Because the owner operates several small business lines, and the other lines are beginning to take more time and energy. This line needs someone who is passionate about the product, and who wishes to be involved in it full time in the future, not as a sideline.

The business currently offers a range of original products (including some unique inventions), which are popular within the niche it occupies. The target market for the products are very excited about the product, and LOVE that it is made in America by hand. Many of the products are in various stages of improvement, and the current business owner will assist the new owner in understanding how to implement those improvements.

This sale includes the website, domain name, some of the tools required for the business (except those common to every household, and the drill press), and all molds, templates, patterns, supply sources, branding, etc. There is NO inventory to convey with this business - items are made by hand, and need to be created by the new owner. Current owner will send instructions for all tasks, with photos. If a payment plan is used for the purchase, the owner will withhold key items which are not necessary for day to day operations but which ARE needed to sustain the business long term, until the final payment has been made.

For information on this Business for Sale, please use the Contact Page on this site to inquire. We'll put you in touch with the owner, who will be happy to provide you with more information.

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